Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York, New York


Larry October 28, 2018

This been in the making for decades and now the people are in place and buying everything the can get their hands on inas little as 4 years a communities make such a drastic change,  there's a huge story behind hind these action, people knew for a longtime what it was going to be and as soon as the time was right they act or it my belief is a few purchased the property years before it was built, also some didn't mind moving in while it was being built anytime you see a Howard Johnson,  Marriott, Best western and a sushi bar on Bedford Ave in the heart of Bedstuy and the they want to rezone it and name it Stuvesant Heights, so that people from other Countries wouldn't know the difference when they made the purchase or they flat out told them that the neighborhood was going to change totally,  I've been around and went to school well over 60 years ago so I've witness all of the changes this been in the making.

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