Crown Heights/ Flatbush , Brooklyn, New York

Leaders of the 441 Brooklyn Ave Tenants Association

Before It's Gone //Take It Back May 24, 2016

Published on May 19, 2016

On 2/18/2016, The 441 Brooklyn Ave Tenants Association launched a petition campaign to get a much needed ramp built at their building. They gave the owners, Mike and Steve Spera , a 60-day deadline of April 18th 2016 to complete construction.

Over sixty 441 Brooklyn Ave tenants along with another 200 supporters from across the country have signed the petition to have the ramp built.

Due to this pressure, the management of 441 Brooklyn Ave posted a letter on March 29th in the lobby of the building stating that they would build a ramp in the next 60 days but have yet to start construction.

On April 22nd, The 441 Brooklyn Ave Tenants Association sent a letter to the owners asking for an exact start date and giving May 20th 2016 as the deadline for the construction of the ramp. 

For more info contact: or call /text ‚Äč(646) 820-6039

'BEFORE IT'S GONE // TAKE IT BACK': Documenting Brooklyn - Fighting Gentrification is a Brooklyn-wide project of Equality for Flatbush


Shot and edited by Patrick Chang. Project of 'B4G' Tenant Harassment Documentation Team.

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