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Meet Wendy - an 441 Brooklyn Ave Tenant who needs Your Support to get a Ramp Built and to Stop Tenant Harassment in ‪#‎CrownHeights‬, ‪#‎Brooklyn‬

Before It's Gone //Take It Back May 8, 2016

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‪#‎MYNYCLANDLORD‬ Action Alert : MEET WENDY, an 441 Brooklyn Ave Tenant who needs Your Support to get a Ramp Built and to Stop Tenant Harassment in ‪#‎CrownHeights‬, ‪#‎Brooklyn‬

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For years the tenants of 441 Brooklyn Ave, have struggle with the owners to provide adequate heat and repairs at 441 Brooklyn Ave.

Meet Wendy, a Caribbean mom who works multiple shifts - 7 days a week - as a home-health attendant in order to pay her rent . She has lived at 441 Brooklyn Ave since 2003.

Unfortunately since 2014, due to the rapid gentrification of Crown Heights, Wendy has been unable to sleep in her own apartment due to the excessive noise from an ever-changing roster of new tenants in the apartment directly above hers . As stipulated in her lease 80% of the floors need to be covered with a rug or carpet in each apartment. So Wendy asked the owners to simply put carpet down in the apartment above hers so she can have a quiet place to live. But the building owners - Mike and Steve Spera - refused to do so.

Fed-up with being sleep deprived, Wendy took her landlords to court in 2014 and won but still no carpeting was ever installed. In 2015, Wendy went back to court, and planned to withhold her rent until the owners put down the carpet and resolved the noise issue. Instead Wendy was served with an eviction notice and was forced by the court to give the landlords the rent.

Finally on December 16, 2015, the owners were ordered by a judge to make sure that the floors were covered and to resolve the noise issue with the upstairs apartment. To date Wendy is still unable to sleep, feels that she is being harassed out of her home of 13 years by the owners Mike and Steve Spera. Hear what Wendy told the B4G Tenant Harassment Documentation Team. :…/0B5sBmuNPvUflaFFtSlBzYTNhYU…/view

This is one of the many stories of tenant harassment occurring at 441 Brooklyn Ave in Crown Heights, Brooklyn - This is why they need your support !

How can you support the 441 Brooklyn Ave Tenants Association

Please CALL The 441 Brooklyn Ave LLC at 718. 677. 1667 TODAY! ASK for Leah, Steve or Mike Spera and/or Carmella Chapman

SAY: “On March 29th, you issued a letter stating you would begin construction on a ramp at 441 Brooklyn Ave within 60 days. No construction has begun. I want to know the exact date the owners are going to start construction on the ramp. The 441 Tenants Association says they want the ramp completed by May 20th 2016"

EMAIL: Carmella Chapman Building Manager at

Please continue to SIGN and CIRCULATE the petition :…

Background :

On 2/18/2016, The 441 Brooklyn Ave Tenants Association launched a petition campaign to get a much needed ramp built at their building. They gave the owners, Mike and Steve Spera , a 60-day deadline of April 18th 2016 to complete construction.

Over sixty 441 Brooklyn Ave tenants along with another 200 supporters from across the country have signed the petition to have the ramp built. Due to this pressure, the management of 441 Brooklyn Ave posted a letter on March 29th in the lobby of the building stating that they would build a ramp in the next 60 days but have yet to start construction.

On April 22nd, The 441 Brooklyn Ave Tenants Association sent a letter to the owners asking for an exact start date and giving May 20th 2016 as the deadline for the construction of the ramp.

Here is Video of the tenants of 441 Brooklyn Ave sharing why the building of this ramp is so important. Video created by Patrick Chang of the B4G Tenant Harassment Documentation Team

More info contact: or call /text (646) 820-6039

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