Jackson Heights, New York, New York

I had to file an HP Action on ADI Management

Louis Flores September 13, 2017

Trigger Warning : Cockroach pics

I am still waiting on the outcome of the legal fees motion that my Landlady's managing agent, ADI Management, filed against me after I paid all my backrent. In the meantime, I had to file an HP Action against my Landlady's managing agent, to compel repairs that I brought to the attention of Queens Housing Court last year, but which Judge John Lansden or the managing agent never did anything about.

A building inspector came to visit my apartment on Monday. He said that of all the things I put on my list, the only thing he cared about was the cockroach infestation, and he said that that would get taken care of with extermination. When I asked the HPD inspector about the steam leak in my radiator that was never fixed last winter, he said that I would have to file another HP Action in the winter, so that the steam leak could be detected. The HPD inspector said he wasn't going to order the repairs to the crevices being used by the cockroaches to come into my apartment, he said that tenants had no right to have fire extinguishers in common areas, like in hallways, and he said nothing about the leak under the kitchen sink that was probably contributing to the outbreak of cockroaches. The HPD inspector, who would not give me his name, denied me a copy of the report he was filling out whilst he was making his inspection.

Here are some pictures of the cockroach traps that the exterminator left in my kitchen from the last extermination I signed up for. I took these pictures on the morning before the HPD inspector arrived.

These pictures don't do justice to how over-run my apartment has become by cockroaches. I told the HPD inspector that they are coming in from crevices in the wall, but the HPD inspector did not care. He just kept repeating, "extermination," even when I said that extermination in my apartment isn't going to step them from coming in from the walls.

For a news article I co-wrote for Progress Queens, it was reported that tenants of another building managed by ADI Management similarly faced outbreaks of cockroaches and other problems the minute they challenged the Landlady or the managing agent about living conditions in that apartment building.

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