Flatbush, New York, New York

no cops, no settlers.

it is what it is June 20, 2017

An nypd surveillance tower appeared here around two years ago, when i was living just down the street. It's next to a deli, on an intersection with constant foot traffic & frequently heavy car traffic, in a part of flatbush which is predominantly black but gentrifying. i don't know if some residents called for the police to install one of these dystopian surveillance machines or the cops decided to do it themselves. But i do know that police protect white people & their allies when they move into black neighborhoods, with the encouragement of the city government & landlords, at the expense of the black communities that are already there. i know that police are slavecatchers--kidnapping someone to be held as state property is enslaving them--and that at in the 18th century one quarter of the population of flatbush was enslaved black people [http://tinyurl.com/ydfpqunr]. i know that flatbush was the last place in new york city where white individuals & families owned black people, until at least the 1840s [http://www.brooklynhistory.org/exhibitions/lefferts/slavery-in-brooklyn/]. i know that what we now know as new york city was known as Lenapehoking to the indigenous Lenape peoples who inhabited it, & that whites used genocide & deceit in order to claim the land for their own profit. i know that Lenape peoples are still here & that peoples who are neither black nor Lenape have no legitimate claims to residing on stolen land in a city built on black slavery. whites should leave. non-black people should take a major step back. It is up to black & Lenape peoples to determine how to best establish human relationships with this land, not settlers and colonizers.

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