East Flatbush, New York, New York

7/7 E4F Action Alert : Raw Sewage Floods, Mr. Jean, a Black 89-Year-Old's Apartment. After a week, Jonas Equities STILL Does Nothing

Before It's Gone //Take It Back July 3, 2020

Please Post Widely

Tell Jonas Equities to MOVE Mr. Jean to one of the available apartments NOW!

Please Target landlord , Sam Jacobowitz : sjacobowitz@jonasequities.com. / (718) 871-6020 / 631-962-7384

LAWRENCE BERNSTEIN : lbernstein@jonasequities.com / (718) 871-6020 service@jonasequities.com / pklein@jonasequities.com

STOP putting Mr. Jean's health at risk!

VIDEO https://bit.ly/3ioOXOt

How to Flood #JonasEquities with calls:


#JonasEquities #MYNYCLandlord #NOEvictionZone #BeforeItsgone #TakeItBack #BrooklynIsNOTforSALE


On the evenings of Sunday June 28 and Monday June 29, raw sewage backed up into the apartments of an 89-year-old Haitian elder and another tenant in East Flatbush. Jonas Equities, notorious for tenant harassment, did NOT respond for 2 days!

The cleanup crew hired 36 hours after the initial sewage backup was not given PPE and was ill-prepared for a raw sewage cleaning. Now both apartments reek of raw sewage and chemicals, which put the tenants’ health--especially the elder who have pre-existing health conditions--in serious jeopardy.

Contaminated floorboards and personal belongings have not been removed and Jonas Equities has made no attempt to contact the affected tenants or even visit the property to assess the damage. When asked to allow access to any of the several vacant apartments in the building, Jonas Equities has remained true to form and is unresponsive to tenant concerns.

The tenant association is demanding that Jonas Equities immediately moves this elder to a vacant apartment on the 2nd floor TODAY!

#JonasEquities #MYNYCLandlord #NOEvictionZone #BeforeItsgone #TakeItBack #BrooklynIsNOTforSALE

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