Flatbush, New York, New York


Michael Castro November 9, 2017

"My neighborhood was called Flatbush. I recently posted a GIF I made with a clip from 300. It had the This Is Sparta! Line replaced with This Is Flatbush! It prompted some long time residents in a online group called "DITMAS Park" a recent neighborhood rebranding to become elated and rant about coffee shop take overs and cultural appropriations. Some one who did not get it asked What's wrong with coffee shops? How are small business a problem? This was my response. I would love your opinion on it.

When those coffee shops aren't actually small businesses but large multinational publically traded corporate entities pricing out mom and pop community stores that have been in the community forever that's an issue. When the coffee being sold is so astronomically expensive that local residents who have lived their entire lives in a community are now excluded from the ability to by a coffee cup and talk to their neighbors without starting a gofundme that is a problem. When the small business only serves a niche of outsiders who have taken advantage of the low property prices of a underdeveloped urban community and then rename and then fund redevelopment while not considering the residents that already invested their entire life into their community. You call it GENTRIFICATION I CALL IT WHAT IT IS MODERN DAY COLONIALISM!"




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