East Flatbush, New York, New York

POC Brooklyn is ALIVE

Victor Moses June 23, 2017

So as a life long resident of The Bush for a long time, I have looked at the scenery of my home as mundane... boring even. But over time I came to learn that Brooklyn is so alive and rich in a culture that is all it's own and that life here (even the routine bits of it) should be celebrated!

#BrooklynAlive is a personal effort to portray MY Brooklyn without the whitewashing, editing, standardizing and sanitizing that comes with efforts to #gentrify. By taking the everyday scenes of the Brooklyn I know, one that may be admittedly imperfect but full of love and light and built on the sweat of people of color.

My Brooklyn is one filled with the noise, laughter, and music of a culture formed from the magic and warmth of the Caribbean and the fierce pride and toughness of these Brooklyn streets. These pics help me not to forget that  #Brooklynisalive and that it may be imperfect but it is ours and completely worth protecting, completely worth celebrating.  Developers and realtors try to make MY Brooklyn seem as if it is a wasteland that has to be "saved" to be livable in. Not the case at all.  

So, because MY Brooklyn, OUR crazy, vibrant, magical, diverse Brooklyn is still alive I encourage all to fight #Beforeitsgone. 

#B4G, #Beforeitsgone, #Takeitback

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