BEFORE IT'S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn - Fighting Gentrification (B4G) is a celebration of Brooklyn life as it is now with all its rich diversity and history. We're not interested in a Brooklyn that is homogeneous, without flavor, texture or color. Where only rich white people who can afford luxury condos can dwell. Gentrification destroys culture, displaces low-to-middle income people of all nationalities, takes away all that is uniquely beautiful about New York .

This website is a way for every day New Yorkers to tell their stories about was happening to them right now, on the ground. This is the place to share pictures and videos of OUR BROOKLYN. For us to meet your family - birth and chosen. It is the place to tell the stories about what it was like to grow up in Brooklyn or when you first arrived from Haiti, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, Italy, Korea or wherever else. We want your footage of Old-Timers events in Red Hook, Brownsville and Bushwick. We want you to post pictures from your Quinceañeras, bar/bat mitzvahs, high school graduations, weddings, baby showers, Brooklyn LGBTQ Pride and Lunar New Year celebrations. This is the site that CELEBRATES the cultural, racial, ethnic, linguistic, social and economic diversity of Brooklyn.

We plan to be intentional about intersectionality on this site. We want to tell the truth about how gentrification uniquely impacts people of color, women, migrants, elders, young people, differently-abled people, families, people living with HIV/AIDS, lesbian, gay, bi, trans and Queer people, people living on governmental subsidies or in public housing. We also want to expose the ways that gentrification is our common enemy and why low-to-middle income people must unite.

This is the place to post about the community meeting to save your supermarket in Park Slope. This is place to post about your march to stop police violence in Sunset Park. This is also the website to post about those repairs that your landlord is refusing to make or how you just learned that you being overcharged for a rent stabilized apartment.

We want this page to help low-to-middle income people stay in Brooklyn . We want people to get connected to vital legal, housing and community organizing resources. We want to help break through our isolation and fear. We want to beat back the belief that displacement is inevitable and there is nothing we can do. We want to help stop foreclosures, spark tenant organizing , save small businesses, and coordinate #NoEvictionZones. We want www.beforeitsgone.co to create hope, “big up” our victories , let them know when #WEAREWINNING

BEFORE IT'S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn - Fighting Gentrification (B4G) is a labor of love . We truly love Brooklyn - our peoples, our working to middle class communities, and our vibrant cultures. So it is our duty to fight to stop gentrification and save affordable housing. We do not want to see one more family or elder displaced. We will not allow another greedy landlord or developer to push our people out. We refuse to allow Brooklyn to become merely a playground for the rich. We say, “Before it's gone! Take it back!" and together, united, we believe that we will win. #BrooklynIsNotForSale

Imani Keith Henry, Equality for Flatbush