Crown Heights/ Flatbush , New York, New York

ARREST Racist Slumlord Isaac Pollack for Tenant Harassment

Before It's Gone //Take It Back August 9, 2017


Equality for Flatbush calls for the ARREST Racist Slumlord Isaac Pollack for Tenant Harassment

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VIDEO of Isaac Pollack disrupting the 8/8/17 meeting of The 332 Rutland Road Tenant Association :

Report Isaac Pollack! Call 311 or Complain Online:

CONTACT: OR Call 646.820.6039

Mayor Bill De Blasio has said in the past few years: "No one should have to live in an unsafe building, or dirty building" and We won’t let tenants be intimidated and forced out of their homes.". Equality for Flatbush is calling for the City of New York to investigate Isaac Pollack for tenant harassment. Under NYS law tenant harassment is a crime. Report Isaac Pollack to 311 - Say: “For over a decade Isaac Pollack , has terrorized working class Caribbean tenants, especially women, families and elders in Brooklyn. Why has he not been arrested?“

Equality for Flatbush has documented the following crimes:

At 104 EMPIRE BLVD - Crown Heights:

Pollack refuses to make repairs and justifies this by saying "Haitians are dirty" and "You people are a bunch of hogs!"

Pollack's tactic is to break up tenant organizing by going door to door and threatening tenants or showing up to meetings uninvited. Pollack went door to door, verbally threatening tenants and then fraudulently calling the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) on Haitian families who participated in the tenant association.

Pollack illegally removed the belongings and then locked out tenant leader out of her apartment.

At 332 RUTLAND RD - Crown Heights:

In 2009 when Pollack bought the building he fired the super illegally forcing the tenants to go without cleaning, maintenance, or garbage disposal.

Tenants report they have never had extermination since 2009 and currently live with rats, water bugs as well as a roach infestation .

Pollack allowed a Caribbean woman who had recently suffered a stroke, to go 4 months without a working stove and oven.

On 8/7/17 he threatened to call the police on a Black male tenant organizer with Equality for Flatbush.

On 8/8/17, Isaac Pollack showed up to the tenant meeting uninvited, told tenants they needed to disperse, took pictures of tenants and fraudulently called 911 to report “trespassers” in the building.

VIDEO of Isaac Pollack disrupting the 8/8/17 of 332 Rutland Road Tenant Association :

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