Bushwick, New York, New York

4/5: The View from Bushwick

Marc Nasdor April 22, 2018

Text insert. Who’s the bastard here? Our landlord almost

pious in his negligence, he touches my rent the inspectors

will materialize. Surely the street concurs, but former

Dregs of Europe declass themselves relentlessly, doffing

their earphones and shoving them back in; this when

a neighborhood gives a big Hello Kitty punch in the face,

knocks them into the subway, PDA-wielding paramecia

pushing behind in the turnstile to bugger a free ride.

Young’uns stream out of their lofts and onto the platform;

this the Art Commute their realtors exhorted. Singular

acts of kein-ness: chatting each other to wireless torpor,

short-lease meditations on holy foreclosure; cleansed

conscience and an Oasis of Whitey slumming the barrio,

sexing up Dollar Shops, snorting tubs of take-out pozole

after under-tipping the Exploited

                                                                       Delivery Amigo

who bikes it into their hands.

(from "Sonnetailia" Roof Books, New York, 2007. Copyright © by Marc Nasdor. All rights reserved.)

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